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Amagat by GiftShop
Amagat by GiftShop
05 November 2023

Amagat (hidden in Catalan) may have become an open secret, celebrated by Parisian foodies and visitors, but it remains just as delightful to rediscover. Located at the back of a courtyard in the twentieth arrondissement, Instagram-worthy to the fullest, the restaurant is a small haven of tranquility where one can enjoy life.

Inspired by the bodegas and taverns of northern Spain, people come here to savor the house vermouth and nibble on Iberian charcuteries with their fingertips while enjoying bottles of Catalan wine.

The chef has crafted a colorful menu that blends classic dishes like the bomba de Barceloneta or the tortilla with more creative and inspired offerings, all rooted in Catalan tradition.

Hand in hand, GiftShop and Amagat have designed 2 t-shirts: one that celebrates the menu, where you can come and check off and scribble the (numerous) dishes to order, and the other as a tribute to this collaboration - between the eatery and GiftShop - in a retro bitmap format. 

Bon appétit!

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