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Hanz Gueco x GiftShop
Hanz Gueco x GiftShop
01 August 2023
This t-shirt was created by Hanz Gueco, the extremely creative Australian chef who organized our launch dinner and is serving until the end of July at Berto, the Wine Cellar of Bistrot Paul Bert. Not content with being an extraordinary chef with a boundless imagination, Hanz is also a multidisciplinary artist who draws, sculpts, and takes photographs.

For GiftShop, he imagined what our café would be, an elegant but not pretentious bistro where dishes and merchandise blend together, for a limited series of 50 pieces.
Among the many chefs affiliated with GiftShop, Hanz Gueco holds a special place in our brief history. For our official launch, amidst restaurateurs, artists, and creatives, Chef Gueco welcomed us at Bistrot Tontine on 6 Paul Bert Street with a distinctive menu: 85% traditional French bistro fare and 15% Chinatown flavors. Hanz Gueco also designed the invitation flyer and the printed menu handed out to our guests that night.

In remembrance of that unique evening, GiftShop and Hanz Gueco have teamed up once again to produce a t-shirt that pays tribute to that design. It's a very limited edition!

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