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Le Verre Volé by GiftShop
Le Verre Volé by GiftShop
24 June 2023
In the heart of Paris, near the serene Canal Saint-Martin, lies Le Verre Volé. A haven for wine enthusiasts, this establishment stands as a testament to the ever-evolving tapestry of Parisian gastronomy. With an inventory boasting over 400 natural and organic wines, and an ever-changing menu curated to perfection, this wine bar and restaurant, helmed by its astute owner Thomas, is more than just a dining spot – it's an experience.

At GiftShop, we're driven by stories that deserve to be celebrated and worn. Teaming up with Le Verre Volé was a rendezvous of shared passion. Together, we channeled the essence of this beloved establishment into a limited line of merchandise: a plush purple signature hoodie echoing the ambiance of those wine-filled Parisian evenings, versatile t-shirts, and a hat. Further enriching this collaboration is our joint venture with Service Works, bringing an added dimension to the collection.

But words and merchandise, no matter how carefully crafted, can only tell part of the story. To truly immerse oneself in the Le Verre Volé narrative, we've curated a video, spotlighting Thomas and the soul of this Parisian gem.

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