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Maison Arlot Cheng x GiftShop
Maison Arlot Cheng x GiftShop
02 October 2023
Our latest collaboration features Maison Arlot Cheng, a bakery and restaurant based in Nantes. Founded by Pierre-Antoine Arlot and Chin-Jy Cheng, it merges the traditional craftsmanship of French bakery with a modern and eco-conscious philosophy, showcased by a careful selection of organic sourdough breads, natural pastries, and local dishes.

Former designer, Pierre-Antoine Arlot, enlisted artist Oliver Helfrich to create illustrations for the 3rd anniversary of Maison Arlot Cheng. These illustrations depict the range of trades practiced under the roof of their establishment: bakers, pastry chefs, baristas, and cooks.

GiftShop is thrilled to offer reprints of this original design using our classic heavyweight t-shirts. We aimed to preserve the essence of the original illustration, thus presenting a tangible tribute to the artisanal spirit of Maison Arlot Cheng. Available exclusively here.

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