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Ep. 1 - Julien Dô Lê Pham
Ep. 1 - Julien Dô Lê Pham
27 July 2023
In the inaugural episode of "Souvenirs, Souvenirs" Julien Dô Lê Pham, an entrepreneurial creative based in Paris and co-founder of Giftshop, takes us on a journey.

Julien Dô Lê Pham Paris - FR @phamilyfirst

We asked Julien to share with GiftShop his favorite pieces of merch. Here are the gems that he unveiled:

Matches collection from Septime (Paris), Piperno (Rome), Trullo (London), Noma (Copenhagen), Grandfather’s (Tokyo), The Friend (Los Angeles). Starter plate from Brasserie Lipp (Paris) 

A happy belly, a smile on my face, joy in settling the bill. And a box of matches on the way out, a keepsake from that beautiful moment. Can’t say how I got that Lipp plate but Lupin would be proud of me.

Hat from JG Melon (NYC) 

I never miss an opportunity to savor the cheeseburger and cottage fries from this iconic cash only New York institution.

T-shirt from Jon & Vinny’s (Los Angeles) 

Years ago, my friend Courtney Storer, the chef at Jon & Vinny's, generously showered me with precious merch after I dined alone at the counter in front of her kitchen.

Staff t-shirt from Ngoc Xuyen Saigon (Paris) 

This is my go-to Vietnamese cuisine outside my mom's kitchen. Start with a beef spring roll and don't forget to ask Pascal, the boss, for extra bone marrow with the Phở Đặc Biệt. 

Staff shirt from KFC & hat from Taqueria Orinoco (Mexico City) 

Nostalgic from my years working at McDonald's, I stumbled upon that KFC polo uniform in a thrift store in San Francisco. The staff hat from Taqueria Orinoco was given to me by its co-founder, my friend, chef Chuy Villarreal.

Dickies coach jacket from Lao Siam (Paris) 

This place holds a special significance for me. In 2016, I organized my very first pop-up dinner with the three brothers who own Lao Siam. I first visited almost 20 years ago. I love their timeless food, their staff. It feels like home at Lao Siam.

T-shirt collection from Racines (Paris), Cave Ox (Solicchiata, Sicily), Ozlem (Paris), Peter Luger (NYC) & White Mana Diner (New Jersey) 

When I see these t-shirts, I am reminded of the moments spent with my fratello Simone Tondo and his vitello tonnato, savoring the best 'zuppa' paired with Magma 2011 at Cave Ox in Sicily, relishing a plate of kebab from my friend Edip at Ozlem, running into Action Bronson at Peter Luger, and enjoying a beautiful day in New Jersey with my friends Anthony and Sadie from Ha's Dac Biet, topped off with a slider at White Mana Diner.

Corkscrew from Le Saint-Eutrope (Clermont-Ferrand, France) 

A thoughtful gift from chef Harry Lester, from my favorite bistro in the world: the late Le Saint-Eutrope in Clermont-Ferrand.

Junya Watanabe MAN jacket from St John (London)

I stained that pristine white jacket within the first minute of wearing it. An incredible, timeless piece I discovered at a CDG archive sale in Paris.

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