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Souvenirs Souvenirs Ep. 2 - Djelissa Latini
Souvenirs Souvenirs Ep. 2 - Djelissa Latini
07 August 2023
In this second episode of “Souvenirs, Souvenirs” Djelissa Latini, an entrepreneurial creative based in Paris and co-founder of Studio Odds, takes us on a journey.

Creative and talented individuals worldwide sharing their cherished merch gems!

This week, we've asked Djelissa Latini to share with us her story. We're keen to understand her perspective on the restaurant business - both within the scope of her artistic glance and the food industry as a whole. Furthermore, we wish to explore her viewpoint on the relationship between merchandising and the restaurant business in her life. Lastly, we are interested in her personal experiences as a woman, artist, and entrepreneur.

Djelissa Latini - Design Graphic & Artistic Director 
@djelissalatini Paris - Château Rouge

Sonny’s Pizza T-Shirt (Paris) – Pro-tip: if your favorite t-shirt doesn’t survive a greasy lunch, tie-dye it ! Then you can eat more pepperoni pizza and sloppy meatball subs.

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Djelissa Latini, I'm a graphic designer and art director. Based in Paris, I work with French and international brands. In 2022, I co-founded Odds Studio with my partner Amélie Warnault. Her background is in luxury and beauty, and mine is in food and lifestyle. Together, we can do more 360° projects, which is really cool!

Who are your food clients?
In Paris, I've worked for Gramme 3 and Gramme 11, with Chiche, Mamiche's third boutique that they call Traiteur, with Ibrik and also Pompette. In Brussels, I've worked with Rumbo and Old Boy. In the US, I've even had people contact me by word of mouth!

How do you work with your customers?
I meet with customers to sound out their initial intentions. Then I send out a 4-page questionnaire (laughs) to define the tone of voice before I get down to the moodboard part. It's clearly an assignment we ask our customers to do, but it's cool, it gives them a sense of responsibility.

What's your vision of travel?
As soon as I can, I go. My travels are very much linked to my current inspirations. I don't do things on the spur of the moment.

What is your relationship with merchandise?
I'm very attached to memory. Merchandise allows me to reconnect with a memory, a place that is sometimes not eternal. All my purchases are emotional. If the design is beautiful, I buy. If the moment is magical, I buy. To be fair, it's the positive side of the moment that always comes first.

What's your take on merch culture?
I've noticed that in US deli's and diner's, like Langers or Katz, which are slightly outdated places, the visual aspect is very sparse. In these places, the signs aren't organized, the decorations pile up over the years, but it works! I have a great deal of respect for those who break away from the trend and give precedence to the organic over everything else. I have the same respect for the DA at Sqirl, who never makes the same logos – they're always evolving!

What's your favorite piece of merchandise in your dressing room?
My tote bag from St Viateur Bagel in Montreal and my t-shirt from Langers. The beauty of merch is that conversational starter aspect!!!! It's so communal. We make buddies, we connect all the time through merch.

Do you dream of merch? If so, which one?
I dream of having a Randy's Donuts merch! It's really mythical for me, because it's effective marketing and it's in The Simpsons.

What merchandise would you absolutely have to develop that doesn't yet exist?
I'd develop a cooler! It's definitely 80's.

Which merchandise would you x to buy on the GiftShop website?
I'd say the In-N-Out socks.

What's your merch policy?
I don't wear merch from places I haven't been. I don't want to wear the colours of a team I don't really support or have never seen play.

What would your last meal be if you found yourself on death row in Texas?
If it can be anything, I'd say my grandmother's capelletti brodo!

Do you wear the merchandise you buy yourself, or give it away?
I wear the merch I buy, it doesn't stay in its packaging.
When I give merch away, it's often for my husband Rob when I'm travelling without him, because he likes to eat as much as I do.

Words : Julien Dô Le Pham
Images : Sylvain Ali

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