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Souvenirs Souvenirs Ep. 4 - David Bellion
Souvenirs Souvenirs Ep. 4 - David Bellion
15 October 2023
Our guests are talented creatives from various fields. They share their passion for collecting, rare finds, and merchandise that holds a special place in their hearts.

For the fourth episode of 'Souvenirs Souvenirs,' we have David Bellion, a former professional footballer turned creative consultant, heading the Super Vision Office agency and also the publisher of Sport Étude and Take Away magazines. He opens the doors to his closet in Paris.

David Bellion, Paris - France
Can you tell us about your profession?
The best way to define it would be Chief Creative Officer at Super Vision Office agency and a freelance Global Creative Consultant for brands, football and basketball clubs, and public figures. I've also launched two magazines, SPORT ÉTUDE, focusing on sports as the name suggests, and TAKE AWAY, centered around food.

Where are you currently based, in which city?

What's your relationship with travel?
I truly started traveling during my former life as a professional footballer, which took me all around the world. But it's during vacations that you take the time to explore other countries. Travel, for me, is about embracing the change of scenery and appreciating cultural diversity.

How often do you leave your city?
I would say about four times a month on average, often for professional trips.

What's your connection to merchandise or 'merch'?
It has been a significant part of my life since I was 18, the age when I became a professional footballer in the Premier League, where the world of sports merchandising is dominant.

What kind of places make you want to buy merch?
Rare sporting or musical events with limited-edition merch, or restaurants with a compelling story to develop into a brand.

What prompts you to make a purchase when it comes to merch? Is it impulsive or emotional?
It's often emotional. If it has meaning, I take pleasure in supporting creativity and buying merch to lend it strength.

Your all-time favorite piece of merch?
I would say L’Air de Panache, a fragrance seen in Wes Anderson's film 'Grand Budapest Hotel,' but it was actually produced by Nose perfumery in a limited edition, without much publicity. A merchandise item blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

The most successful merch in recent years, in your opinion?
In sports, Red Star FC. In food, Paperboy in Paris. In media, I'd say Highsnobiety. In cinema, the production and distribution company A24. In art and fashion, Serapis. And in music, Big Love Records.

If you could create your dream merch product, could you describe it for us?
Certainly, a keyboard designed by my agency, Super Vision Office, in collaboration with Teenage Engineering. This way, you can easily create sound for any project that comes to mind.

MOËT & CHANDON x CLAUDE - A very chic gift from the boss Kim Chabaud, who oversees the Hoxton hotel chain across Europe. It was given during a fantastic dinner at the Hoxton in Paris.

Would you wear your own merch?

If you had to pick an item from the GiftShop website, what would it be?
The Service Works White Chef Pants from Le Verre Volé.

Can you wear merch from a place you've never been to?

Your last restaurant meal?
Karaage at Haikara Deep Fried in Paris. Long live GIFT SHOP!

Photographer : Martin Josserand

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