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Gramme x GiftShop
Gramme x GiftShop
04 August 2023
We're about to meet a unique individual. This week, we've asked Marine Gora to share with us the story of her two Gramme restaurants, which she developed alongside her partners Romain and Alexis Tellier. We're keen to understand her perspective on the restaurant business - both within the scope of her Gramme establishments and the industry as a whole. Furthermore, we wish to explore her viewpoint on the relationship between merchandising and the restaurant business in her life. Lastly, we are interested in her personal experiences as a woman, owner, and chef.

GiftShop is launching a new collection in collaboration with the Parisian restaurant, Gramme, located in the 3rd and 11th arrondissements. All products from this collaboration will be available on the GiftShop website starting from Wednesday, August 2nd.

Marine Gora - Head Chef x Artistic Director 
Romain et Alexis Tellier - General Manager x Administrative Management

Gramme 3 
86 Rue des Archives 

Gramme 11
96 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

Can you tell us about the birth of Gramme 3 rue des Archives? 
We co-founded Gramme 3 in February 2018 after we stumbled upon a crazy real estate ad in the heart of Le Marais. It took us two years to create our restaurant, intending it to feel 'just like home'. 
We officially opened in February, perfectly timed for Fashion Week. The fact that we were located in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement, also known as 'Le Marais', definitely gave us a good head start.

Why the name “Gramme”? 
That wasn't the initial idea. We started with a rather uninspired Anglicism. Fortunately for us, it was already taken (laughs). Then, Romain's father suggested 'Gramme.' It was an immediate fit, not just for us, but also for our international clientele and the culinary world. It's a name that resonates with everyone!

Let's talk restaurant's life. At Gramme restaurants, is the customer always right?
No! What I like is the “discussion” approach. I enjoy persuading someone to try a dish.
This method enables me to establish a relationship of trust with the customer.

After Gramme 3 rue des Archives, you opened Gramme 11 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud in 2021. What's the major difference between these two Parisian locations?
Like Gramme 3, Gramme 11 serves as a canteen for mornings and lunchtime, but it also operates in the evening. That's where the difference lies. The decision was primarily influenced by the location and its surrounding neighborhood. We believed it was crucial to adapt to the environment - the venue indeed shapes the offerings!

What's your signature dish?
First and foremost, our signature dishes are comfort food, served in a family-style manner. The unique twist in our dish execution is rooted in my Vietnamese heritage, lending a distinct umami flavor. We've put considerable effort into our breakfast menu. My goal was to ensure that customers could start their day with a bowl of rice soup or miso soup if they wish.

Do you plan to develop Gramme restaurants further?
As we plan to expand Gramme, we're envisioning a cabin concept. I believe and envision the future in this small, independent structure that can function autonomously.

What is the Gramme restaurant uniform?
For practicality's sake, we do not have a uniform at Gramme. I am not a fan of uniformity. When I hire someone, I prefer not to interfere with their personal style.

What's your relationship with merch? 
I enjoy mercj that's fun to interact with and convenient to carry around. 
Take the bandana, for instance. It's an accessory I wear daily. I'm instantly reminded of Rosetta in Mexico City, where you'll find numerous people sporting bandanas in various ways - on their belts, wrists, necks, hair, and so on. It's an accessory that I incorporate into my daily wardrobe.

What's your dream merchandise? 
Two items immediately come to my mind: a giant fan and a line of vintage t-shirts. 
Regarding the t-shirt, I envision a design with subtle graphics that evoke the look of rock band tour imagery or old-school album covers - something akin to vintage AC/DC t-shirts.
I want the design to take precedence over branding.

Have you ever come across people wearing Gramme merchandise?
Just the other day, a girl walked into the restaurant carrying one of my first-ever tote bags. I approached her immediately - such encounters truly touch me.

In ten years, where do you see yourself?
In ten years, I aspire to purchase an old pub in a village on the outskirts of Paris. 
The goal is to get closer to nature, but more importantly, to cook by myself. The menu would be simple: one dish and one dessert of the day, that's it.

A musical genre that best describes Gramme restaurant?
New wave for sure!

What would be your last meal if you found yourself on death row in Texas?

What's the restaurant where we probably bump into you on a day off?
At Paloma restaurant in Belleville, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

Which GiftShop merchandise do you absolutely want?
I want the ravioli candle please!

What's your definition of an "institutional" restaurant?
For me, the institution is the day-off rendez-vous. The institution doesn't change, it's comforting, and you know what's waiting for you inside. The institution is stable, and yet it's the most complicated thing about being a restaurant. It's the kind of restaurant that has cracked the code that few are able to crack.

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