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Tribute to Julie Balagny - Cuvée Piccolus & Le Verre Volé
Tribute to Julie Balagny - Cuvée Piccolus & Le Verre Volé
26 April 2024

Available starting today, a heather grey sweatshirt and a black long-sleeve t-shirt in tribute to Julie Balagny, a talented winemaker who tragically passed away last year.

"This Piccolus blend is born out of friendship and sharing. It symbolizes who Julie was for those who knew her. The profits will be donated to Brice who continues to take care of the estate, the house & the animals.

Julie Balagny's story is that of a city dweller who one day traded Paris for a life in the vineyards. From Perpignan to Cahors to Nîmes, it was in the southern regions that she first ventured into winemaking, before encounters that led her to Beaujolais: those with Marcel Lapierre and Yvon Métras. It was at the latter's place where she vinified her very first Fleurie, before taking over a steep hillside estate that no one wanted, yet held a breathtaking beauty requiring everything to be done by hand."

Thomas Vicente, Le Verre Volé

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